OHAUS Starter 5000 pH Bench (Inquire)

High Performance Bench Meter for Universal pH Applications

Backed by OHAUS’ century-old commitment to providing precise measurement, Starter 5000 provides accurate pH and ORP measurement for high-level experiments and research. Enhanced features, advanced technology, and high performance have been combined to support complex laboratory tasks requiring pH measurement.
pH, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) measurement
Backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), touchscreen
AC adapter (included)
RS232 and USB (included). GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock.
ABS housing, standalone electrode holder, replaceable in-use cover
3 endpoint modes, continuous measurement mode, up to 9 point calibration, 1,000 measurement memory
Starter 5000’s performance is propelled by a 1000 item library, 10 sensors for calibration storage, 8 predefined and 1 self-defined buffer groups, 3 endpoint modes and GLP mode.
The color touchscreen operates similar to smartphones and tablet computers and provides simple operation of the advanced features, such as one-touch toggling of measurement modes.
With a standalone electrode holder, USB port, IP54 housing and in-use-cover, Starter 5000 provides the flexibility and protection that ensures smooth and enduring operation.
Starter 5000 pH Bench Models
Models Measurement Range Measurement Resolution Accuracy ± (mV)
ST5000-B -2.00 – 20.00 pH;-2000.00 – +2000.00 mV;-30 – 130°C 0.001 pH;0.01 mV;0.1 °C 0.03 mV
ST5000-F -2.00 – 20.00 pH;-2000.00 – +2000.00 mV;-30 – 130°C 0.001 pH;0.01 mV;0.1 °C 0.03 mV